Our objectives

Our objective is to produce a quantity and quality of organic, natural and pure Argan Oil and saffron,Morocco, (Liquid Gold and Spice Gold) that would be noticed on both the national and international market.

Our team is growing and already in strong expansion, and our products are already appreciated.
While continuing our sales activity, accumulated experience has allowed us to realize our own production and distribution which covers areas of market, relating to the conditioning of our product for food usage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
To respond to the expectations of customers who want high quality organic and pure (Argan oil, Saffron) is our goal.
This is the project around which producers and vendors of the products "SoussOil & Saffon Souktana " gathered.

 Our activities are always focused towards an absolute primary perspective, that of the "customer satisfaction" because we are convinced that the sale of a organic and pure products in high quality represents a significant part of the relationship with our customers. 
Today, the hygiene and quality of food are at the heart of the concerns of customers. Facing these preoccupations, and to meet legal and regulatory requirements, our team takes all measures necessary to ensure the quality of our Argan and saffron vis-a-vis the customers.
Benefits of saffron
Reduces cancer risk
Boosts memory
Fights stomach ailments
Improves heart health
Loss of Weight
For Beauty

Our team





    Iminougni Tinfat Taliouine Taroudant
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George Haroban

I use Saffron to make Saffron bread and with tea also, this Saffron is different from the lot of brands I’ve used. It has thicker stigmas and a dark maroon hue. With other brands I have to use more stigmas to achieve the desired flavoring affect. With this particular brand a pinch of four or five stigmas is sufficient. I do have to say the aroma is pretty strong the color is not artificial when I opened the jar the smell spread out, the usage indicate that is a product of quality. I will be purchasing this brand going forward.


Roberto Garcia

It was a wonderful fresh scent and when I opened it and the fragrance is lovely.I used these a lot in my cooking,Add this to chicken dishes, beef stews, roasts, soups, in almost anything you can think of and the flavor shines.this seemed absolute to be the kind . I'm perfectly satisfied with this product but hard to find This saffron is for 'special' cooking because the highest quality is consistently better than any competing brand. Highly recommended.