What is Saffron?

SAFFRON Crocus sativus: Small vivacious plant to greatly aromatic flowers. Flowers lilac-mallow (9/10), structural in his center stigmas red-orangé that constitute the spice. 

Botanical features 

The saffron belongs to the family of the Iridacéeses, to the order of the Liliacéeses and the tribe of the Crocéeses with kind Crocus understanding a few 70 species. II is known coins different names: 

Scientific name: Crocus L. sativus 

Common name in French: Saffron, cultivated Saffron, Saffron of Gatinais, 

Common name in English: Saffron, True saffron, Saffron crocus, 

Common name in Spanish: Azafr?n, Croco, Flor of azafr?n, zafr?n, 

Common name in Arabic: Azzaâfarane, Azzaâfrane Alhorr, Azzaâfrane chaâra,

Dearest of spices! 

The enormous necessary work to the harvest of the saffron justifies the elevated price of this product. It is necessary, indeed, to pick until hundred thousand flowers to get five kilograms of stigmas that will give a dry saffron kilogram. 

Flowers of Crocus Sativus are purple and it is necessary to pay attention to not confound them with colchiqueses that contain, them, a dangerous poison. 

Aromatic pigment? Colorful spice? The saffron possesses these two qualities. 

The utilization as stain is known since a very long time. Buddhist monk clothes are since tinted always with the help of the saffron. 

The saffron would be original of Nepal but it is maybe present in all the basin Mediterranean grace botanists' coming with Alexander the Big. 

If the saffron doesn't have a lot of taste, it clears a delicious perfume and it is indispensable, so much in the paëlla that in the bouillabaisse and with all rizottoses. It comes with fruits of sea, fishes, very well curryses and flavor a big number of liqueurs. 

Seen its elevated price, it exists many substitutes of which here is the list of most known: the saffron of the Indies, le safran bâtard, les petals of worry, the Rizdor, the Afral and the curcuma . 

"The saffron, a rare and unrecognized spice... "

Benefits of saffron
Reduces cancer risk
Boosts memory
Fights stomach ailments
Improves heart health
Loss of Weight
For Beauty

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George Haroban

I use Saffron to make Saffron bread and with tea also, this Saffron is different from the lot of brands I’ve used. It has thicker stigmas and a dark maroon hue. With other brands I have to use more stigmas to achieve the desired flavoring affect. With this particular brand a pinch of four or five stigmas is sufficient. I do have to say the aroma is pretty strong the color is not artificial when I opened the jar the smell spread out, the usage indicate that is a product of quality. I will be purchasing this brand going forward.


Roberto Garcia

It was a wonderful fresh scent and when I opened it and the fragrance is lovely.I used these a lot in my cooking,Add this to chicken dishes, beef stews, roasts, soups, in almost anything you can think of and the flavor shines.this seemed absolute to be the kind . I'm perfectly satisfied with this product but hard to find This saffron is for 'special' cooking because the highest quality is consistently better than any competing brand. Highly recommended.