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IMPORTANT : (Why our saffron is unique)
All our instructions are based on the following:

1 - Our product, is not bought in the markets it is one of our product.
2 - It didn't pass in the hands of a broker.
3 - We don't sell it with the other saffron of a different kind or of another country, it is Saffron Souktana only, the saffron that we know, for sure, the source is Souktana fields in Taliouine Morocco.

4 - Implementation of our principlesthe saffron was not beyond reproach that is in accordance with our slogan "the one that cheats is not ours."
5 -  The storage location of our saffron is on the spot where was produced, The quantity of it that we sellcomes from there down when needed.
6 - We don't sell any saffron other than our product that we know, for sure, the source is Souktana fields in Taliouine Morocco.

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1 - Placing of orders via our website
2 - Contact the dealers at the address listed in the list of vendors and resellers .
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Product consumption

Saffron souktana taliouine offered by is pur 100%, however always start with a small amount and test it. Keep in mind that saffron is also a drug and like any other drug, overdosing has serious health hazards. Consumption of few grams at once by a single individual may cause kidney failure, which can not be responsible in any case.
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